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Machine learning

A learning machine are algorithms that allow a computer to take independently decissions, depending on the situation. A very well known example is a computer which can play chess.

There are 2 basic types of learning something to a machine :

  • A machine can take a decission depending on evaluation methods. (for example: check all the possible movements in the chess game, and the movement which is the less risky is the best move).
  • A machine can take a decission depending on what was already happening in the past (for example: do a random chess move, and if this move was wrong in the past, don't do this move again).

Learning machines can be done on many places. One of my projects of learning machines are learning websites.

Learning websites

On a website you may have visitors who execute some actions. For example, leave a message on your blog, leave there email for the newsletter or just contact you. Such an action is called a conversion.

Conversions and other actions can be analyzed to learn more about the visitors. In this way the website may adabt layout and content depending on the interests of the visitor.

The website is not changing afther one click. This is a very slow process.

Example 1
The text of the talking animate is changing afther newsletter or blog conversions.

Example 2
The news and the newslettre depends on the intrests of the intranaut. 

What can I do for you? 

This depends on your website.

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