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Search marketing

Today it is difficult to search your clients, the art is that potential clients can find you on the moment that they need you. Also the visibility on the internet and the online communities can help you to be presented on the market. I think the next points are a possible help:

  • To be visable on the internet when people are looking something up, especially "periphery"-information of your products
  • To participate or create an online community which creates "the image" of your product 

There is no "succes-formula", passion for your product is the start. Important is that you can do the SEO (Search Engine Optimalization) yourself, because the owner of the website possess the product passion.

How to get high ranking in google?

Many people want directly a high ranking, for keyword X and Y. But this is something what requires a development process. First of all, you need a set of words which are the most important for your website. Ask a few friends what they would type if they would watch for your product, watch in google which keywords your competitor is using, use this google keywords tool and make you website arround those words.

Where do you need to use those keywords?

  • Use them in your title-tag
  • Use it in the keywords tag
  • Use them in the description tag
  • Put keywords on the page which is called "index", the index page is the most important page of your website
  • Give for sure 1 picture of your website the name of keywords
  • Give your webpages on the server the name of keywords
  • Give the name of the link in the navigation bar the name of keywords
  • The title of the content is an important place
  • The first paragraph is an important place for keywords

Do not exagerate, google also knows what you know. So don't make your page with repeating 100 times your keywords. Your pages need to be interesting, let say: make a small encyclopedia of your website. 

Last but not least: Linkbuilding. Collect links to your website and link to other website with the same subject as your website. The links should go and come from serieus websites, do not use "linkfarms". ONLY serieus websites!

Don't expect tomorrow results, it can take 3 months before google-bot updates your site. And if you change something you need to know why. With my SEO-technology you can monitor and approve your website.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me! 


What are the most important pages where I need to get a link from (or towards)?
Type in google the keywords you want to be high ranked for, and that's the sequence of priority where you need to try to get a link from (or towards).

What type of links are important?
The best is a direct link with a banner, this means if you go with your mouse on the link you will see in the left-down corner directly the domainname of your website.

To which page should the other website link?
To your root, so is the best.

How the title tag should look like?
The title tag should be a short sentence with the most important keyword for that specific webpage. Take care that the first words of every webpage title tag starts with a different (key)word. It must be made that the surfer lands always on the page for what he is looking for. If people don't see immediately what they are looking for, they leave your website... (The title tag is the bleu text line you see when google shows the search results).

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What can I do for you?

I developped an online tool so you can do SEO yourself.

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