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Technique to swim professional the crawl style

Swimming crawl is synchronizing arms and legs. You need to find the equilibrity, just like riding a bicycle. Technique is the most important issue...


Technique of the arm movement

arm - swimming crawl Mainly speaken you have 5 fazes :
  1. Input faze,
  2. carry faze,
  3. Pull faze,
  4. Push-out faze,
  5. Pull-over faze,
The arm in crawl need to follow the "S"-shape in movement

Balance technique and rotation in crawl

Balance in crawl Rotation and balance of the body is very important.
Your body rotate automatically to this site where you pull-over your hand. This is good! You may rotate your body 30 degree easily!

The tumble turning in crawl or freestyle flip turn

crawl tumble turning To execute the tumble, follow next steps :
  1. At the last movement, bring your arms next to your body;
  2. When you are close to the border, put your head down;
  3. Trow your body over your head and meanwhile put your arms (in straight position) up;
  4. Your feeds are now on the border of the swimming pool and push off;
  5. Turn your body and swim further.

Case study: a movie to analize my swimming style crawl



The movie is made to analyse my swimming style. In the first faze you see a view from the side. And in a second faze you see a view from the frond side.

The remarks by this movie:

  • Head:
    • Bring the chin more down, to the breast but not touching the breast;
  • Arm:
    • Elbow more and faster turning, the airbubbles need to stick on the elbow;
    • Elbow in faze "2" (see picture) more turning and a little bit more under the stomag;
    • Hands may go widther inside the water, on the altitude of the shoulders;
    • After faze "1" waithing a little bit longer to make the stroke length longer;
    • Hands: pushing out faze my hand perpendecular on the water;
  • Legs:
    • Less depth strokes, shorter strokes with the legs;


Thanks to Christof De Belder and the KU Leuven Swimming team (Belgium) for the many years of coaching and the professional trainings.

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