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Enjoy the emotions!

This page has no messages for my political opinion or from who I am fan or not. They are a few video's of my channel on youtube. Those video's are the nice moments for me personal about politics, test drives etc. that I put together... Enjoy the emotions!

VDB - Paul Van Den Boeynans (in Dutch)

Paul Van Den Boeynans, the son of a butcher who should become a lawer. But he prefered to play football, doing business and politics. He never finished school... but is it not a handicap in life if you even do not have a school degree?

Schumacher is testing a car...

In the beginning he is has to admit that the gearbox is "almost better" then the one of his sponsor. And his opinion grows...

Politics: Pieter De Crem and Andre Flahaut - 2007 (in Dutch)

Andre Flahaut is Belgian minister of defence and he used, according to Pieter De Crem, the Belgian army as a personal publicity office, to collect votes in the area of Nijvel (Belgium). There is a moment where the opposition may ask questions to the ministers. But the minister of defenence is "suddenly" at a celebration and not available to answer questions.

Afther 30 min. the minister of defence arrives...

Police interventions (in Belgium)

Murat Caplan is one of Belgian top criminals, here he escapes...

Enjoy this police intervention...

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